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Hallelujah, it’s raining labels



Very simple, very comprehensive list of gender, sexual, romantic, and relationship identities/labels. You should all go read this right now.

…oh my god, this is gorgeous.  Everyone go read this, now.  I’m putting it on my sidebar (and I’ve never had any links on my sidebar).  Seriously, you will not regret clicking this link.

This is really awesome. I have only one complaint: the definition of pan/omnisexual. AARGH FUCKING DAMMIT WHY DO ALL THE NON-PANS DEFINE IT THAT WAY. SOME PEOPLE ARE PAN/OMNI NOT BECAUSE GENDER DOESN’T MATTER BUT BECAUSE THEY LITERALLY ARE ATTRACTED TO ALL THE GENDERS. GENDER *DOES* FUCKING FACTOR INTO ATTRACTION, DAMMIT. Maybe not for all pans. But for some pans. And to be completely frank, I think anyone who pulls the “oh gender doesn’t matter to me” line is either a) fooling themselves or b) being a “genderblind” douche. But that’s just my opinion. Maybe there are people who have no physical, sexual, or romantic attraction to gender.

Whew. Okay. Got that out of my system. I may just give up on the pan identity. Like seriously. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle here. *headdesk* Although usually omni isn’t including with it. Maybe I’ll just stick with polysexual or queer. (Okay, tbh, I usually just stick with queer or bisexual anyway.)

My pet peeve aside, its a great post! Go le read.

 The explanations are both accurate and hilarious; go read it!

(via alackofpetticoats)

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    Best definitions I’ve read thus far. Love it.
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