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Unsurprisingly, I speak like a New Englander.


I took the long version.



Most Similar Cities:
1 Salinas CA 53.4
2 Fresno CA 53.4
3 Clovis CA 53.3
4 San Mateo CA 53.3
5 Sunnyvale CA 53.2


okay so ive seen several people’s results and every time Greater Philadelphia/South Jersey always are bright blue

for me it was bright red, since i’m from here (i didn’t screenshot my results)

but like, i knew that our dialect was different but not THAT different from each of the others.

I’ll let y’all know my results once the server stops being overloaded.

Okay here we go

Most similar cities:

  1. Austin, TX
  2. Garland, TX
  3. Plano, TX
  4. MacKinney, TX
  5. Pasadena, TX

Least similar cities:

  1. Duluth, MN
  2. Providence, RI
  3. Fall River, MA
  4. Reading, PA
  5. Hartford, CT

ugh i had to restart my browser so i lost the map and everything but apparently i speak like a californian and im going to fit right in once i’m in monterrey???

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    It gave me New York, but I definitely speak more like a generalized Northeasterner #SoFla
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    Def have my Inland NW accent down pat. Spokane came up for most similar, followed by Tacoma, Reno, Seattle, and Fremont,...
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    I should apparently move to the West. Though my part of Ohio is fairly red still, well more a red orange?
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    basically I sound like any other Michigander… lol Mostly I sound like a Yooper, apparently. I guess I picked it up more...
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    JIKES MINE IS SO COLD okay, i’m swedish so it’s not too surprising. it’s actually quite interesting because does this...
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    Interesting to see that my dialect is actually pretty active in other portions of states that aren’t even near NY....
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    Basically my results just said… everyone in my region speaks like me? It’s interesting for sure… I suppose I really do...
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    fascinatingly but unsurprisingly my dialect is a pretty good split of how people in california and people in new york...
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    I am VERY OBVIOUSLY from the West coast xD And I did grow up maybe an hour or two away from Bakersfield. Tree might take...
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    I took the long version this time!