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Welcome to nightvale could actually become a tv show without messing up the formula too bad

• Each news story is played out either while Cecil is narrating or inbetween narration, with the actual dialog of the residents
• All the dog park segments are just dramatic camera shots of an empty dog park
• There’s always something terrible happening in the background that nobody notices
• Cecil’s voice stays the same, but he’s played by a different actor each episode, and the camera is always in a location where you can’t see his full face (it always stops right after the lips)
• The camera angle for the “Welcome… to Nightvale” and “Goodnight” bits are the exact same, about a nose down shot of his face in profile, while the bits before those are snapshots of the entire town unless its a special situation (like Cecil’s bosses looking for him)
• Commercial breaks might have to go in the “weather” segments? If only because I don’t know what to do with those.

Idk any thoughts

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    This sounds like a thing I definitely want.And that sounds like a really good idea for the weather.
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    Weather segments could just be abstract/staticky images while the music plays
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