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am getting

rly tired

of slash fic

where one of them or both of them are each others’ Single Solitary Exception to Years of Uncomplicated Heterosexuality

moreso in mslash, but i’ve seen it in femmeslash, too

i realize that in some cases (with rly repressed characters or in fics set in time periods that were much less accepting of homosexuality) it does make more sense, and that for some people, that’s their really-truly-honest-to-god lived experience, and i wouldn’t want to take their narratives away from them






our really-truly-honest-to-god lived experience is an easy, unabashed bisexuality that we’ve known about since at least our teens or early twenties, and even if we’ve never had the chance to do anything physical with someone of the same sex, we have at least acknowledged our capability for attraction to people of multiple genders. we would like to see our narratives too, and since mainstream media doesn’t seem inclined to give it to us, it would be nice if we could find it in the fandoms we have come to cherish.

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    ^ Important reminder that bisexuality needs to be represented as well And that while sometimes, people do realise that...
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  10. revtomdildomolar said: YEPP i can’t help but feel like it’s a bunch of straight people being like ~well I want to write about gay sex without addressing or acknowledging queer identity. I know! They just have an ~~exception~
  11. missscarlett21 said: I’ve noticed that SPN fics (Destiel, anyway…I don’t really read anything else) is getting a lot better at it irt Dean’s bisexuality, which is nice b/c the “omg what are these feelings in my pants over a guy?!?!?!!!” fics were getting old lol
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