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People I Like That You Might Like If You Like My Blog


yeah ok but
a multi-headed dragon hydra type monster that learns to sing barbershop quartet style music

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who looks super cute and hella queer today. the answer is me. the answer is always me.

who looks super cute and hella queer today. the answer is me. the answer is always me.


I often look around my classrooms and think “well SOMEONE has to be gay in here, statistically!”

Then I realize that it’s me.

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enjoy this 8 page comic i drew in 1 day and inked in 2.

no one who knows me in real life would ever believe all the fluffy romantic comics I draw;;;


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neither of them is actually gay

i whisper angrily as i close out yet another tab of slashfic

they both have genuine emotional, romantic, and sexual attractions to women in canon

and genuine emotional, romantic, and sexual relationships with women


nothing inherent in slashfic allows bisexual erasure, i think that is your vitriol coming through. as a queer person i know what not being represented feels like, but i know to get my facts correct. the horrible gay-str8 dichotomy exists in the authors mind and yes, the point is to show alternate sexualities that go beyond conventional ones, and the responsibility lies in the author to paint a realistic world.

that being said, slashfic, as a medium, exists solely due to the fair use clause of copyright, and one part states that the work can not infringe too closely on the source material. according to your original post, it grinded your gears that slashfic did not acknowledge the canonical attractions to women when 1) slashfic originated just for that purpose - to resist impulsive heteronormativity in art and to completely go against the canon and, 2) the slashfic adjustment to a character being gay erased their possibility for bisexuality, even though that was not likely the authors intent, in purpose or writing and acknowledging those attractions could land an author in legal trouble (very rare but who knows)

nevertheless, bisexuality is rampant in all kinds of successful fan fiction, and not so successful. so please, lets not conflate issues and do a bit of research before we cry wolf.

it’s true that nothing inherent in slashfic causes bisexual erasure, rather, it’s the biphobia that slash writers bring with them that causes it. my “vitriol” has nothing to do with it, but thank you for trying to discredit my argument because of the emotion attached to it for me. it’s all fine and dandy that you’re queer, too, but unless you are specifically bi/pan/non-monosexual, you have no right to say anything about biphobia. and even if you are bi/pan/non-monosexual, you still have no right to dictate how i respond to biphobia. i’m glad that you acknowledge that its the author’s responsibility to present a realistic world, but the problem is that many of them do not.

fanfiction is protected under the fair use clause of copyright law, but infringement refers to authors attempting to take credit for the original story, or attempting to present their story as canon, not to the characters sexualities. i would hardly think that you would argue, after all, that hetfic with canon pairings (of which there is plenty) counts as infringement. 

slash fic is often used to combat heteronormativity, yes, but to say that bisexuality cannot or does not combat heteronormativity, just because we bisexuals are attracted, in part, to people of a different gender, is extremely biphobic. i absolutely cannot make heads or tails of your second point. the author could just have easily made them bi as made them gay, and like i already said, it’s absurd to think that making them bi rather than gay would somehow constitute copyright infringement.

i have no idea what kind of magical, bisexuality-filled fanfiction archives you’re going to, but i’m lucky if i can find one out-and-proud-bi!fic for every thirty “actually gay”, “straight with an exception”, and “i dont like labels” fics. i’m also curious about what “issues” you think im “conflating”. i think i was quite clear: people need to fucking stop writing slashfic where they take people with canon hetero love interests and make them gay, rather than the much more obvious choice of bi or pan. finally, i fail to see why i should have to do research in order to write about my own damn lived experiences, not to mention why writing about my lived experiences apparently constitutes making up lies for my own amusement and to make people panic.

the next time somebody shouts ‘RED SHIRTS ALWAYS DIE!’ at me when im wearing my star trek shirt, im just gonna yell back, ‘DAMMIT JIM I’M AN ENGINEER NOT A SECURITY GUARD’.

blinkpinkinc replied to your post: blinkpinkinc replied to your post:im s…

omfg we live in north dallas rn but we’re moving to fuggin small town in north georgia in june lolololololololol (still would totally make out with you 8|)

no kidding omg. im actually going to be here until the end of june, so if you want to hang out some weekend between now and then just message me to see if im free!!

i wish i both knew u bit better and lived closer, cuz making out is fun. making out is the best.

HECK yeah omg. btw if any of y’all live in the wichita falls/dallas/fort worth area feel free to come visit me for non-making-out reasons too!! i’ve heard that sheppard is soul-crushingly terrible and i’d like to deal with that as little as possible!!!

im so sexually frustrated right now ive been sexually frustrated for literally forever someone needs to come here and make out with me right now.

i finished reading ‘not just a witch’ almost two months ago and im sTILL MAD that the queer subtext wasnt canon. IT WAS SO CLOSE TO BEING CANON AND THEN IT WAS JUST HETEROSEXUAL FRIENDSHIP.


spockoandjimjim just showed me what has OFFICIALLY become my favorite video EVER.

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Whenever I make fun of white people and a white person gets mad I tell them to stop getting offended by everything and not be so PC and the look on their face is priceless

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GOLDEN GODDESS | Mari Agory | Idol Magazine

Photos: Lindsay Adler

Styling: LSC Styling 

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oh my godddddd there is a new swedish reality tv show where they are tracking down internet trolls and confronting them about the death threats they’ve sent to people, since it’s actually illegal.

watching them try to explain how it’s not them is the best entertainment i’ve ever seen.

this episode ended with them fining him 5000 SEK to be paid to the victim!

guess what America should do

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Holy shit. Have there ever actually been any reported incidents of first responders letting organ donors die?
jcatgrl jcatgrl Said:





I’m not sure! I didn’t mean to scare people with the post, I didnt know why people were weary about being organ donors until my friends mentioned this possibility.  I’d like to think first responders wouldnt do that, I’m an organ donor myself and I don’t think I’d change it based on a paranoid fear like this but the possibility of this still makes me a little uneasy


  • First Responders or EMT’s while sometimes connected to the hospital they are taking emergency patients to make absolutely no monetary gain from organ donation. In fact most are employed though third party companies and get their pay elsewhere. So, an EMT has really nothing to gain in getting your organs.
  • In the USA you must have a legal decleration of death before Organ Donation can even be taken into consideration - decleration of death has to do with brain activity (not your heartbeat) so you could be on life support and you would still NOT qualify for organ donation unless their is “Brain Death” even in the situation of “Brain Death” you must still die “Naturally” meaning they would take you off life support and wait for your body to naturally reach it’s end and in most cases when this happens your organs could be depleated of blood and oxygen long enough that the organs aren’t even viable for donation in the end.
  • Just because you are a donor does not gauranteee your organs can even be donated. A LOT of complications can occur during death that can “spoil” the organs or your lifestyle / cause of death - like a mangled car accident.
  • Even if you ARE 100% viable for organ donation THE DOCTORS THEMSELVES DO NOT REMOVE YOUR ORGANS specialists are called in to address organ viability, remove the organs and prepare them for transfer to the NEXT PERSON ON THE DONOR LIST who most likely isn’t even IN the hospital you may have died in (think greys anatomy and all those helicopters bringing in little donor iceboxes and sending them out)
  • ALSO A HOSPITAL HAS TO BE A CERTIFIED DONATION CENTER in order to deliver organs removed to patients who need them within the hospital or set up live donations from patient to patient (this is usualy very big city teaching hospitals - like the one on grey’s anatomy - they have to have to meet specific guidelines and have special facilities and trained professionals and certifications) so a surgeon can’t just see a pink organ take it out and send it to another room within the hospital it is  BIG PROCESS ful of checks and balances and regulatory rules
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST - DOCTORS CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE once you enter that hospital your life is numero uno priority and not only do they have a personal obligation to uphold their oath but a LEGAL ONE they can get sued so hard for misuse of organ transplant services that they go though SO MANY procedual steps to ensure that you are a viable donar, offically dead and give full consent to have your organs donated.  DOCTOR BECOMES A DOCTOR TO SAVE LIVES even CRIMINALLY CHARGED patients are afforded these rights the surgon is a biast catalyst for life advancement and human health who’s job is to save life NOT END IT.
  • My grandmother was an RN for 30 years and I was constantly told horror stories about people despertly needing organs and the damage these myths can cause
  • please anyone reading this consider donating your organs after death ITS SO EASY THESE DAYS YOU CAN DO IT ONLINE IN LIKE 5 WHOLE MINUTES it saves so many lives and is so important.
  • i apologize if anything in here is slightly incorrect as i’m running off memory from my communcations with the dozens of doctors and nurses i used to hang around when i was little late nights in the ER

To add to this, I’m a nurse and we aren’t even allowed to bring up organ donation without first calling a procurement agency. They work in regions throughout the US. They ask the medical person (nurse, doctor) who has called about the medical details of the patient then send someone if they believe organ donation should be brought up with the family.

They’re not affiliated with hospitals and they take over the process once the referral has been made. They bring their own surgeons to the hospital to procure organs and they have their own counselors.

They also send families of organ donors updates about how the person living with their loved one’s organs is doing. They frequently facilitate contact between the two parties involved so the organ recipient can communicate how they are doing and how their quality of life has improved. 

If a hospital wants to remain part of UNOS they have to follow those guidelines and they can have criminal charges brought against them if they don’t. As a nurse, I’m legally required to contact the regional transplant network once I’ve had a cardiac death (heart stops) or someone who may meet brain death qualifications (all those tests you hear about where someone is declared brain dead). I have to do it regardless of whether the patient is an organ donor or not, and usually I don’t have access to that information unless a family member or the patient has offered it.

At the point that brain death tests have been confirmed and a referral has been made, the regional transplant network will send their own doctor to confirm brain death tests and begin speaking with the family about whether or not they would like to donate. This also involves an advocate who has been trained in those situations.

I can also tell you that, as a nurse, your first commitment is to the patient you have in front of you. I don’t know whether my patients are organ donors or not. All I know is that this person has a family and a life and it’s my job to help try to save it in whatever capacity I can.

Just to tell you how this actually works in a hospital.