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  • Combeferre: Oh my god, did you put glitter in the laundry detergent?
  • Courfeyrac: Oh yeah, I’m experimenting with some new entrepreneurial ideas. That one’s called—Sparkle Suds. Dress loud.
  • Combeferre: Will you stop putting glitter in everything? This morning you put glitter in the butter.
  • Courfeyrac: Disco Dairy. Spread the party.

when one person in your otp says “where you go, i will follow,” to the other person 



Some of you are really cool folks and stuff, but you sometimes reblogs from people who either harrased me or harrased one of my friends and it just, really stressing…

I’m making this post as a “please, like/reblog this post if it’s okay to adress this and let you know about this person”.

In the same way, if I ever reblog from someone who is known for doing terrible things, please let me know and I’ll keep it in private if that’s your wish.

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i really hope my supervisor calls me back soon bc on friday at the recognition ceremony the assistant flight chief said “see you tuesday” and im not sure if he just misspoke or if he’s giving me an extra day off for winning the professionalism award or??

i started daydreaming about modern lotr (like not a human!au, just middle earth hundreds of years in the future) and now all i can think about is elves with extremely strong southern accents


as a white person my only oppressor is sunburn

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queer authors: make all your characters queer. every single one of them. leave no room for alternate cishet interpretations. make straight people uncomfortable. let them cry about how unrealistic it is that no one is cishet. bottle their tears and pour them over your morning pancakes. savor the taste of their discomfort.

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i know this may sound dumb but you can try chewing on sage and swallowing the salvia slowly and also coconut oil swallowed very slowly helps

nah, that sounds like a good idea. i was gonna go to the commissary anyway to get some honey for my tea; i’ll see if they have any sage or coconut oil, too. thanks for the tip!

woke up with a sore throat that’s been building for several days, but i already have a preventive health assessment on thursday so im not sure if i should just try to wait it out for the next five days or what. i mean, it’s also p likely they wouldn’t be able to see me any sooner that that anyway so???



HEY!  We are not SALARP!  In fac, we DEMANDE given a salb right NOW as apologize.  Otherwise stay in grumpling bunch all day with no give out a kisses.

I love how the internet seems to be slowly inventing dialects for more and more animals. First there was lolcat speak. Then doge. And now some kind of birb language seems to be forming. I love it.

i wonder if various types of rodents would each have their own dialects, or if they would share one.

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Cap visits a school assembly and they have him lead the pledge of allegiance but "under God" wasn't added until he went under the ice so he doesn't know that part so he doesn't say it and the next day all the headlines say "CAPTAIN AMERICA FORGETS GOD" and FoxNews freaks out.
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oh my god

When I was ten, I heard someone say the word “gay” for the first time, and it was something that ten-year-old boys mocked each other with, “you’re so gay, you’re as straight as a zigzag line,” etc. I refused to say it, because they made it seem like a swear word.

When I was eleven, I heard my mother say derisively of my aunt, “Are you sure she isn’t a lesbian? She sure looks like one.” I asked what a lesbian was. She told me I didn’t need to know. 

When I was twelve, I read a book where the main character’s parents were divorced because they were both gay. They were not portrayed positively. 

When I was thirteen, I found out that one of my friends in drama club was gay. He was the first openly gay person I knew. 

When I was fourteen, I got a crush on a girl in my class. I was terrified. I had almost zero resources and exactly zero people I felt comfortable talking to.

When I was fifteen, while my parents were drinking and talking with some of their friends, my dad said something about “keeping those queers in line”. I almost had a panic attack.

When I was sixteen, I found three books in my high school library that had LGBT main characters. None of them identified as bisexual. 

When I was seventeen, I started dating a wonderful girl. I couldn’t tell my mother. Six months later, we broke up. I could not cry on my mother’s shoulder. 

When I was eighteen, I was able to leave home. I know myself, and I am proud of myself, but that does not keep me from feeling scared and lonely still.

When I was eight, I had a crush on a girl two years older than me, and I watched her every day on the playground for at least a week, marveling at how pretty she was, how graceful, how desperately I wanted to be friends with her.

I wish that I could have seen people like me when I was eight years old.
I wish that I had the words that I needed back when I was eight years old.
I wish that I could have known myself when I was eight years old.




Imagine Person A wanting so badly to get a hug from Person B, but for some reason Person B does not like being touched/does not like hugs/is not in the mood for physical displays of affection. Therefore, A ends up making in their mission the whole entire day to get at least ONE hug from B.

imagine person a wanting to hug person b but person b doesn’t want a hug and person a respects that

imagine if people actually respected when people (even their romantic partners) didnt wanna be touched


imagine person a communicating their desire for intimacy to person b and they work out something that makes person a feel loved without infringing on person b’s desire not to be hugged.


I smell trouble brewing

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"you’re too young to know what your sexuality is" said the straight person to a queer teenager 

"he’s such a ladies’ man" said the straight person about a 6 month old baby that doesn’t know what a lady is

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